Monday, October 12, 2015

A Lunch Blessing

Dear family,

So there’s not going to be a big weekly letter this week because I don’t have time—it’s national Children’s Day in Brazil and the internets are going close down here in the café! 

This week was pretty rough physically. I got blisters like I’ve never had before; we still walked everywhere all day to do contacts. Got plenty of bandaids indeed. And we got açaí this week so that was a win! 

The area is good and we had a couple cool experiences this week where we met people who were really receptive to what we had to say, so we have hope.

I’m learning the language well but it’s still rough. I’ve included in my language study the study of humility because I can’t fully recognize any gift from God without it.

A cool thing that happened yesterday: We contacted into a stake president who invited us in and made us a lunch—our lunch appointment went out of town this week for Kids Day so food was much appreciated—and we talked with him for two hours about the gospel. It was awesome! 

Hope this week is good for you. We’re working hard and doing our best! 

Love you family and I’m praying for you all!! 

Elder Walker Hughes

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