Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 23rd | Teaching and Trust

We went with the T. family to visit an investigator who lives on a mountainside neighborhood and got lost in the rain
for about an hour and a half. But in the end we got there!

Hi all; love you like crazy!

Grandma was listening to Rod Stewart? Awesome! There is a rock bar across the street from our house so for the past few weeks I’ve been falling asleep to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, REM and Alice Cooper. It’s a cover band over there, so all is sung with Brazilian accents.

I met a guy at church yesterday who was Elder Cook's Zone Leader in Argentina recently -- said Elder Cook is my cousin! He said, “Elder Cook?” And immediately flexed as if to suggest that that is the identifying trait for him haha. Said he’s the most lovable elder there is!

This was a good week for us. We found some new people to teach, and we’re working hard to concentrate our efforts in specific areas of the ward, so that’s helping. The city is pretty big, so we’re having to organize well. We’re working with the ward members too to find people to teach which is going well. There are two recently returned missionaries who got back in the last month, and next month one more missionary is returning. There are also a few who are going on missions soon, so were using their help too. Going pretty well all of this! We’re teaching people who don’t have traditional Christian beliefs which is interesting—reincarnation and other beliefs. Pretty interesting discussions, and they’re interested in coming to church to learn more about the gospel.

One of the RMs (returned missionary), Lucan Galhardi, taught in the Elder's quorum yesterday. He taught using President Uchtdorf’s talk from last conference—learning from Alma and Amulek about repentance and forgiveness and faith, and working together—which was really cool. He talked about the need to have trust in others and to be trusted by others. While on his mission he was thinking about trust, and started thinking about if God trusted him. So, he decided to ask. He said, “That night I decided to ask Heavenly Father what He thought about me. And that night I had never felt so loved.” I thought that was really powerful. Of course He would respond like that. Heavenly Father loves all of us. We are His children. My testimony is that the worth of every soul is great in the sight of God!

And that was the week. Please keep praying for us here, and I will keep praying for y’all too.
Love you!

Elder Hughes

Also - fun fact - There’s a Sister in the Zone who is from Panama, and she waited a transfer there for her visa... her district leader who called her every night to follow up was... can you believe it? Elder Taylor Green!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 16 | Portuguese + Español = Portanol

This week was a good one!

Thanks for the shoes headed my way. They will be greatly enjoyed!! My current ones are getting wee holes in them and now is the rainy season so new ones will be appreciated. Thank you!

Woot for the rain there! And for the drought ending!

The work is going well here. The area in Jacarei is an entire city of small neighborhoods that are far away from each other which makes some parts of the work different than in my other areas. We take the bus a lot, but that’s just a matter of planning. Last week we found three families to teach so we have high hopes. Some of our other investigators are agnostic, which is cool, and we are approaching teaching differently than I have on my mission, and learning a lot. All is going well!

We ate lunch this week at a couple’s house; they are from Uruguay. They have been in Brasil for 40 years, but still speak Spanish mostly, we essentially spoke Portanol! We were trying to remember Spanish words, and in the end we got it right, I think haha. We ended our lunch visit reading about tender mercies in 1 Nephi, and the brother said that we were inspired that day because he needed that message. Language of the Spirit is the universal one!

We’re reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, highlighting every time a name of Christ is used, and every time He speaks. It’s a New Year’s resolution for the mission to come to know Christ more, and not just to know about Him. It’s going great; I
like how clearly the scriptures invite us to follow the example of the Savior.

I hope you are all well and in good health! Love you! Have a great week!

Elder Hughes

January 9 | One year, six months; feeling old and new

All is well here! also sorry for the creative grammar my key board is having a crisis i think>  elder freitas is from cearà the same stake as elder rodrigues> he has 5 months in the mission and is super excited about the work. 

First week of the new year was pretty great. 2017 is going well. Miriã was baptised which is wonderful for her, and I think her husband André might be even happier than she is. André didnt even believe in God when he met the Elders. He’s now baptised and is extremely happy> amazing how the spirit works in our hearts and changes lives.

I hit the one year and six month mark yesterday and felt very old> though I still feel new in the mission> very odd feeling to be honest, but we’re going going going> this week should be great and filled with lots to do; we have high hopes!

love you!
elder hughes 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 2 | Feeling the New Year's Potential

Gerações  |  Taken on the day Elder Martins went home 
Hi all! 

Great week! We had a good transfer and I saw Elder Martins, David and Vasconcelos before they went home which was great! My new companion is Elder Freitas. From Ceará. Elder Ewerton, who was in Mogi with me, was his trainer. Elder Wengreen, who is in my zone right now, is training a new Elder from Chile. I have a Chilean grandson! The whole city of Jacareí is ours for the work right now. Very large place but we´re getting to it. Loving the work.

The New Year festivities went well here. We had permission to stay at a church member's house for New Year's Eve until midnight; we went to Irmã Marta´s house which was great. She made a huge churrasco (BBQ) which was delicious, and also had various fruits and dips which was all very tasty. Church the next day -- first Sunday here in new area -- was really good, though a little tough after very little sleep, but all was well. The ward has a frequency of like 250 which is wild. We visited a recent convert and his wife has accepted a baptismal date for this coming Saturday so that is awesome! Should be a great week to come!

Sorry for the short letter today -- a few pictures from the last two weeks in just a minute. 

I hope you are feeling the new year´s potential too! Love you!

Elder Hughes 

Mec Favela lunch
Christmas party
Christmas Day
Goodbye to Pablo
Zona São José dos Campos!