Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 26 | Christmas, loving the mission, and upcoming transfer

Hi all! You are my favorite!

Wow, what a Christmas present to get to talk with family.
I hope all was good yesterday!

This week was a really great week filled with lots of visits and lots of holiday-inspired reflections. I was thinking about how Christ´s birth has made a difference in my life personally. Because Christ was born, do I act differently? Or, how am I a different person because Christ was born? And how does Christ´s birth affect those around me? How does Christmas make me who I am? I think when we answer these questions we see our faith in action. We see where we place our faith and how it grows, and how it can bless us as well as those around us. 

It´s interesting to think how because Christ was born, all of us can be reborn. I like the fact that the gospel is Christ´s way of saying that He believes in our eternal potential. In fact, He believes in our potential so much that he was born so that he could die for us. President Hinkley once said that we can't really understand Christmas without Easter—the knowledge of Christ's atonement and resurrection can change how we act and how we see the world and everyone here. When I think of Christmas, I think of how I can do my part to bring this message to others and how it can bless others.

Loving the mission. Loving serving and talking with people. And sharing the gospel and listening to their stories.

My companion Elder Chartrand is a classical pianist so he played a little of the Messiah this week for us. It was pretty great. Cool how God inspires us to bless others in unexpected ways. Handel, who died many years ago, is still blessing others through his music. His ministry has continued after his death. Just like Jesus.

So tomorrow we will have the transfer! I'm  going back to São José dos Campos in the ward Jacareí. That´ll be my third ward in that stake; should be good! At 3pm, I need to be at Estação Portuguesa Tietê to get a bus to São José! Woot! And bonus, São Jose has really good açaí ha ha! I hope you all are well and loving the Christmas season! 

Love you lots; it was great to see you and talk to you! Have a great week! 

Elder Hughes

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