Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 19 | Tender Mercies

Hi --I love you all lots!

We met many new people to talk with and teach this week which was really great ... One couple is Rose and Antonio. We went to an appointment the other day and it fell through, but Rose and Antonio were in the street where we were, and they spent some good time talking with us. They are a couple of about 77 years a piece. They invited us over to talk more with them.

When we were at their home, they had a whole lot of questions about the church and the restored gospel which was awesome. They stay at home reading philosophy and the Bible and religious books of all types all days. They both know Hebrew too. Their house has a library that is super open and has a piano too. They offered us Russian black tea at the end of the lesson, and we said no thank you, we don't drink black tea, so Rose said she had a different tea we could enjoy. It was super good, and we ate organic homemade apple-walnut cake she made too. She also gave us cocoa sugar which was awesome!! I kept the little paper wrapper from the tea and the next day I read it ... it was in French and said “Thé Noir.” Oops ... we ended up drinking black tea in the end... good thing we were innocent! They are super interesting people and feel a great need to be part of a church; their difficulty is in getting around and out to church, but we are hoping they come this week. Pray for them!

As for tender mercies, we have been able to recognize the Savior's hand in this area since we found so many new, interested people this week. There were three days where a whole lot of people came to us to learn about the gospel which was so different -- people stopping us in the street, the market, etc. Awesome and clearly a miracle.

My companion, Elder Chartrand is speaking extremely well for his two transfers in the mission field and is doing really well with the learning and adjusting to missionary life, so that is a miracle too. Overall, all is going really well!

Our sacrament / church meeting will be at 5pm our time here. Christmas celebrations take place on Christmas eve until (at least) midnight here.
Please pray for Rose and Antionio and Marcia and Rose (a different one) and Nilda this week!

I hope you have a great week and I can't wait for Christmas!

Elder Hughes

Secret Santa exchange: Elder Bush gave me a pig tail and chocolate. Yum!

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