Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Working and Faithing


How are you today? I am fairly stressed :  )

Haha, I'm stressed, but it's not that bad. We set super high goals as a district this transfer and pretty much need a huge miracle this week. Keeping positive.

This week we had our ward activity encouraging member participation in missionary work, and almost half of the ward came, which considering we planned without a ward mission leader to help us, was a good turn out.

I was reading in John 15 this week about the vine and branches, and how a branch can only produce fruit when it is connected to the vine—and how we are successful when we're connected to Christ. "Preach My Gospel" says the connection is our calling as missionaries. I was thinking this week about fruits coming from our labors, and the thought came to me that fruit has to ripen before you can eat it, and sometimes we just need to have fiath and hope that there will be any fruit at all in the end. The scriptures say we need charity as well—charity for God and our fellow men. We also need eyes fixed on the glory of God, and we need to be humble servants. That has helped me a lot this week 'cause the district has essentially had a really rough transfer.

I like Job because he was super humble. When his family, and animals, and possessions were taken from him, he said that he'd essentially been reborn again because he entered the wrold without those things. That's part of the mission, I think. We restart our lives as more committed—reborn in that sense—disciples of Christ.

Anyways, that was the week. We're working and faithing. I hope you are well there to the US of A!
It's still really hot here but we're getting by.

Love you!

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