Tuesday, April 19, 2016


In the mission office: Elders Coimbra and M. Pereira, Elder Merrell, Elder Rieker, Elder Marins and Elder Hirst, also me.

Hi all!
How are you this fine Monday? I’m doing well! 

So yesterday we were waiting for the transfer call ... and waiting ... and waiting ... and finally at 9pm we got a call from the Assistants. Our area, Vila Lavínia, is now the Zone Leader area in Mogi das Cruzes, so Elder David and I are now serving as the Zone Leaders here. I got a call last Monday that I´d have to go to the Federal Police office to do visa stuff with Elder Hirst and when I was there in the mission office, President called me into his office while I was waiting to talk with me about the transfer changes a little early. I had the chance to talk with him for about 20 to 30 minutes which was awesome. Elder David is very excited and I am too about the transfer changes, but I’m also feeling a little inadequate. We´ll see how it goes. 

Last night we had dinner at a member’s house who was watching the impeachment news reports, so I watched a little, I have to admit ‘cause its, well, it’s History. It was pretty wild stuff with lots of angry yelling people and so much emotion. Elder David, who’s Brazilian, was fixed on the TV haha. Not really sure of many details; there aren't any demonstrations where we are ... I just know that everyone here is talking about the presidential impeachment. 

My talk (Sunday) went well ... I think. Maybe. I spoke on finding the Spirit in hard times, and shared Alma 48:7, when Moroni prepared the testimony of his armies before battle, instead of swords and such things. I also shared the experience of when I gave my first talk in church on my mission and how I was the only one who understood myself haha. Many of our difficulties can be caused by misunderstandings of things, and can be fixed by focusing on simple truths, like our testimonies. I think I made more sense than my first talk, and many members were kind and complimented me on my grammar. I just think I need to study more. 

The Stake President spoke after us and mentioned some things in his talk both Elder David and I had spoken about. Pretty cool how revelation works right? He spoke on Moses 1, which is one of my favorite chapters in scripture.

I’m glad seminary is going well! Isaiah should be sweet; I’m excited to hear the quotes of what the brethren are writing and saying about it. I want to take the Isaiah class at BYU when I get back! 

I’m feeling and doing fine. The challenging part now, I think, is that my area needs to be an example in the entire zone. The last Assistant, Elder Almeida who was my Zone Leader when I got to São José, was just released as an AP, and will be a district leader here training an American elder. He’s pretty well known for knowing how to work, so I’m gonna learn a lot I think. Looking forward to this transfer.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Also, if you send a box with things again that gets stuck in the post office, I almost want to buy it from the mail service here ... I desire candy, and lots of it. 

Elder Hughes 

The district.

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