Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hello all!

The transfer call came this morning (Monday). I was at the office earlier in the week with all the foreign missionaries to get a CPF document thing and President Silcox told me I was would be leaving São José, so I knew I’d be transferred, but to where, I didn’t know. President called this morning and I am going to the Zona Mogi das Cruzes to be a District Leader with Elder David. (I’ve never met him but he’s been on the mission for 1 year and 3 months. President mentioned that it’s a great area, but will probably be challenging; I’m keeping positive.) I’ll be opening an area for the third time in a row. In the three areas I’ve had on my mission, I’ve been able to help open each of them. Right on! 

At the mission office I also saw Elder Martins (my trainer); he is the Financial Secretary now, and Elder Hirst who is the mission Excecutive Secretary, which was cool. Anyways, it was a good week. Tonight we have a dinner night with people from the ward here to eat açaí. 

Awesome about seminary! I liked the Old Testament and wild to think that it was so long ago that it was just us every morning to read it! I have good memories from those days :) 

This transfer I learned more about trusting in the Lord to fulfill and magnify your calling. He qualifies those whom he calls and help us understand how we can do better and learn more. Training has been a challenging but very rewarding experience, and I have learned a so much about the fospel and about myself. I’ve really liked learning to put gospel principles in practice better and to be taught by the Spirit. When we have a duty in the Lord´s service, He helps us fulfill it. 

I’ve been inspired this week to develop my ability to think positively through trials and have patience in them. Learning this is kind of a learn-by-experience effort but it is necessary. We need faith and hope to work through our trials optimistically and learn from them; things we can gain from a testimony of the Atonement. 

I’m thankful for being companions with Elder Amancio because he has taught me so much during our two transfers together; I think I have essentially been the trainee. I’ve been thankful for his example and the opportunity which I had to work with him and watch him help others. Elder Amancio has great love for his family, and has showed that in our area and for our investigators and members. 

In the scriptures, I just finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and I’m moving on to the New Testament now, starting in John. One thing I noticed in the Book of Mormon over and over is that we need faith, hope, obedience, and charity to prepare ourselves to meet God again. We need these things to prepare ourselves for our trials and to have positivity through them. I’m liking learning and understanding better what I’m reading, and then putting in practice what I’ve been reading and being taught. It’s a little hard, but sometimes I get up early to read more and study which is fun. I just like the scriptures haha.

That was pretty much the week. We’re working hard and I’m looking forward to the next transfer. Leaving the area is hard ‘cause I really love the people here. It’ll be good, though, to see new things and meet new people. I’ve really liked São José dos Campos areas, but I am looking forward to the new ward and new zone and new experiences! Tomorrow I leave early in the morning to get to my new area and get to work.

I will have more news next week! Love you and pray for us!
I’ll be praying for y’all too! 

Elder Hughes 

Pizza with Diogo and Elder Amancio
Arm wrestling E. Amancio
photo: Diogo Jones
Zona São José dos Campos. Photo: Elder Vasconcelos
Photo: Diogo Jones

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