Monday, February 1, 2016

Pumped Like a Tire


To begin! Transfers are tomorrow, so yesterday we got the transfer call—Elder Amâncio and I will both be staying here in Cidade Jardim for six more weeks. Ahh, yes! This will be my third transfer in this area and I love it to bits. The ward here is full and loves the missionaries. We have really good member friends in the area which makes the work that much more fun. Pumped like a tire to stay here! 

This week was a tough week, but we are working hard. I personally worked a lot on patience. Many difficult things popped up during the week that I’d normally get a little bothered by, but I worked really hard to keep my cool. My exercising patience is going well, but the refiner’s fire is certainly doing its job. I’m really happy where I am serving and being a missionary; I am just learning more to move forward with faith.

During the week we had the awesome opportunity to see the baptism of Avó Maria—Grandma Maria. She is the mother of a church member who takes good care of us here named Sandra. Maria has been going to church for a several months and decided to be baptized this week. It has been a really cool experience to watch her daughter, Sandra, help her grow in her conversion. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, and the key is love! There’s a reason why love is the first commandment.

We very consciously applied this principle in our missionary work this week which was really amazing to watch. Love is the first great commandment, obedience is the first law of heaven, and faith is the first principle of the gospel. With these three things, we can have the Spirit in our lives. And with the Spirit, we are edified and we can edify others. One really cool part of the gospel is that the gospel is meant to help the individual reach out to others. The gospel motivates each person to affect the life of another. It’s meant to bless and uplift, helping us move towards the greatest gift—eternal life, or in other words, the fullness of love and happiness. We just need to practice the small scale now person to person! Awesome sauce! 

The week was extremely hot—and we also ate a lot—which was great. I’m learning to love the heat, and I have a righteous tan line from my watch on my wrist, and from my collar on my neck. Only the best. 

And that was the week. I am loving the work! 
I hope you are all well! 


Elder Hughes 
 Sandra and Avó Maria
View leaving the apartment

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