Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfer this week to Cidade Jardim

At Irmã Linas! Everyone loves coke and pizza here. The world is a small place.

How are you all doing? I’m doing swell! This week was an interesting one. 

I ate a pig ear (delicious)! I watched ants cut a leaf apart and then carry it all over the place (cool)! Also I heard a song by Scotty McCreery (blessings)! 

This week it rained all of the days and then was super hot in the afternoons which was odd. The weather kept playing mind tricks with me! 

This week we went to an English School here and gave a presentation about our experiences learning a new language. It was cool to talk in both Portuguese and in English to all the students! The teacher really guided the conversation based on what he wanted to learn about the United States. Our conversation ranged wildly from topics about the true meaning of Christmas to the increased militarism in the United States after 9/11. It was an interesting experience, but we had a great time answering questions and even helped some students with their homework. We handed out pass-along cards and we’re hoping for the best!

I heard a Christmas song this week—the first one of the season! Heck, yes, and it was like this odd electronic thing too. Interesting stuff here the Brazilians listen to. I also ate a square pizza. 

So we got a call late last night from the Zone Leaders about the transfer that’s coming up tomorrow, and Elder Martins and I are both going be transferred. I’ll be heading to Cidade Jardim, which is still in the São José Zone, about 20 minutes away, and will be opening the area with my new companion. Opening two areas in a row...ahh yee. Should be awesome!! We´re going to be living in an apartment of 4 elders—my comp and I and the two Zone Leaders here. Should be fun! 

That’s really it for the week. We ate a lot of pizza, talked to so many people, and taught a whole ton of lessons. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about obedience this week, and why we should be obedient, and I think One: obedience is a commandment, and Two: essentially the commandments are offers, or invitations. When we are obedient, there is a law established by God that we will receive blessings from the laws we are obedient to. The blessings all already exist, and God wants us to have them; we just need to grab ahold of them through our obedience. A lot of the time, I think we accept that we´ll just receive what God wants to give us sometime in the future, but we don’t recognize or accept that we have the ability to be obedient and claim or accept the blessing according to our obedience. This makes obedience more meaningful to me because I know that when I’m obedient and receive blessings, I am living God´s will for me and I’m showing Him that I want His help not just sometime in the future, but Now. 

Anyways, that’s it for the week! 

Praying for you all! Love you all!

Elder Hughes 
Elder Martins and I before we get transfered!

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