Monday, November 30, 2015

A Thriller of a Week

Photo courtesy José Filho

 Hello! Happy after Thanksgiving to you!

This week we had a huge miracle in the ward here—after about 4 months of learning and gaining a testimony and going to church here, our investigator Eduarda got baptized! So awesome, and we are all super happy for her! We are teaching her mom and sister now too.

This week we also had another awesome miracle. We knocked on a door about 4 days ago and a little old man answered and said, "Oh! I’ve been waiting for you guys! And you got here at a good hour too!" His name is Manoel, he’s about 65, and he wants to marry his girlfriend. He went to Eduarda’s baptism the other day and he said he wants to be baptized too! The miracles here are insane.

During the week there was a big ward activity that had been planned over a number of months called "Festa das Nações," or Festival of the Nations. All of the various groups here at church represented different nations and some had plays or dances that accompanied each nation, and they were each competing against each other to win first place against the other performances. The young men represented the USA and sang “Called to Serve,” which I helped them learn as I’m the only native English speaker in the ward. They then danced to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson along with the bishop. That was quite hilarious haha. However, the Primary kids representing Italy stole the show. They danced and sang to an Italian song. It looked like three of the kids got tired and they just sat down during the song, but in they end, they beat out all of the other groups and won the Festival! They all ran up to the front of the room when they found out they won while “We Are the Champions” blasted on the speakers. Some of the kids started crying, they were so happy.

For Thanksgiving this week, I celebrated and ate some sour gummy worms. Because those are American, of course. I was thinking a lot about gratitude and how I can better show my gratitude. I have come to the conclusion that showing gratitude is best demonstrated through service. We are able to show that we are thankful by giving back and helping others. Helping others is one of the greatest gifts we can give to God, and love for others—or charity—is the pure love of Christ. Gratitude helps us develop a thankful heart. And so I’m trying to be more grateful and to serve more.

Well, that was the week! I hope you all had excelente weeks too! Love you all!

Elder Hughes

Photo courtesy José Filho
Photo courtesy José Filho

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