Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 8 | Principles and Blessings


This week was awesome.

So Last Friday, the leadership council was scheduled in the mission office, but there was a "paralização" or paralization / strike of all transport in Brasil due to the economic crisis, so the meeting was moved to this past Tuesday. It was great, and much of the training was about the Book of Mormon, its importance in conversion and using the scriptures. Elder Amancio, who is a zone leader in Mogi das Cruzes now, shared the experience of when we read the Book of Mormon together every morning during his training in Cidade Jardim. He said it was through that reading in his training that he gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Pretty much had to fight back the tears a little bit. I pretty much felt the Spirit stronger on very few occasions. I also was asked to bear my “last testimony” (which is odd for me to hear). I said that we can never be scared or embarrassed of the gospel!

On Sunday yesterday two investigators appeared in the chapel unannounced, both named Lucas. One of them has been searching for the true church of Christ (his own words) for some time now; he read about the Restoration of the gospel on the internet and has done some serious research and study himself and decided to come to church yesterday. We set up a lesson to meet with him for this Saturday! The other Lucas has been part of another church for 10 years but felt like it wasn't answering his questions and now he goes to many churches in search of the truth (Elder Moraes, who came to the mission field 1 year after his baptism, was part of the same church that Lucas went to. He also had been a member of that church for 10 years before meeting the Mormons). We are going to teach that Lucas tonight and tomorrow. He said he wanted two lessons haha.

We've also been blessed to find and meet some new people to teach which is exciting. The zone as a whole is doing well so that is also pretty exciting too! Woop! 

On Tuesday we will start teaching an intensive English course for three weeks only since I only have three or four more Tuesdays here I think. We’ve got about 10 people signed up to come, members and investigators.

This week I was thinking about many gospel principles and things, but one really stood out to me. The majority of the changes we experience through the Gospel, the majority of blessings we see, and the majority of the relationship we develop with Christ happens as we continue to carry on and endure to the end. Faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost prepare us to endure to the end. Those first four principles of the Gospel bless us and allow us to receive the strength necessary to allow us to grow and progress as we are continually converted to the gospel and to the Lord.

Love you!

Elder Hughes

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