Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 9 | One year, six months; feeling old and new

All is well here! also sorry for the creative grammar my key board is having a crisis i think>  elder freitas is from cearà the same stake as elder rodrigues> he has 5 months in the mission and is super excited about the work. 

First week of the new year was pretty great. 2017 is going well. Miriã was baptised which is wonderful for her, and I think her husband André might be even happier than she is. André didnt even believe in God when he met the Elders. He’s now baptised and is extremely happy> amazing how the spirit works in our hearts and changes lives.

I hit the one year and six month mark yesterday and felt very old> though I still feel new in the mission> very odd feeling to be honest, but we’re going going going> this week should be great and filled with lots to do; we have high hopes!

love you!
elder hughes 

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