Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transfers and Training

Hello all! How are you?

This week was awesome for so many reasons! There was a baptism, a Christmas Conference, and I found out that this coming transfer I will be training a new Elder here! I will go to the mission office tomorrow for transfers and pick him up there. I have no idea who he is or where he’s from but it should be exciting!

This past week we had a Christmas Conference with the entire mission which was something else. We had a huge round with all of the missionaries singing the “12 Days of Christmas” which was really entertaining— there were only about 20 people who actually know the song, or even the language it is usually sung in. We separated into groups—one for each of the 12 days—and each group had an action move that represented our respective day. My group had Day 7—Seven Maids a Milking. When the song came around to our part we sang and pretended we were milking cows. Odd, but I think people understood, more or less.

Now on the most important part of the week: E´s baptism. She is the aunt of a church member here in the ward (congregation) and she was so spiritually prepared to hear our message and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She followed the spiritual promptings she received after praying about the Book of Mormon and was baptized yesterday by her nephew. It was such a neat experience. People who follow the promptings of the Spirit and act in faith on the Lord’s promises inspire me to be better, and to want to help others more. Awesome experience.

We also had the chance and permission today on p-day to visit an old area of Elder Rojas´ before he goes home in six weeks. The area is called Guararema, and it is absolutely gorgeous here. It’s in the middle of a green, green valley and has huge trees everywhere—and has more Christmas decorations than any other city I’ve ever seen, and it rather looks like Stars Hollow from “The Gilmore Girls.” There’s a small little branch (congregation) here with about 40 people, and it feels like home to me. Elder Miranda from Guanajuato, Mexico is serving here now— we both served in São José—and it is nice to see him again. We all went on a hike to visit a waterfall area, then ate a huge lunch that a church member cooked for us, and then promptly took naps.

During my personal study this week I read a bit in Doctrine and Covenants Sections121–123, when Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail. The chapters are all about enduring through circumstances and hard experiences—how we can be humble through those times. When we need motivation because our circumstances seem too hard or challenging for us, we need only remember the message of those scriptures that our trials are only tiny things when compared to an eternal perspective. And as eternal beings, our trials, if we let them, can be for our personal benefit and a blessing in the long run. Looking for the positives and looking for humor can be blessings. And we are promised that as we turn to God, He will be with us.

That was the week! Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will find out who my Filho, or trainee, will be at the transfer meeting! Exciting! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hughes

Also, please pass along a congrats to Troop 206 Eagles!

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