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Hello! I am in Brazil!!

My flight from Atlanta was fine, as was the flight to Sao Paulo! I met up with 10 other missionaries in Atlanta and we are all trying to speak as much Portuguese as we can so we can communicate with everyone else. I’ll tell ya how it was!

San Francisco to Atlanta wasn’t bad. The flight was about four hours long and was pretty quiet. I read in my books—and in Syd’s journal to me—which was awesome!! I love that thing already. I landed in Atlanta, hopped on a sweet little train, and then made my way to the International Terminals. The Atlanta airport is rad. It’s really well designed and if you feel like spending lots of money, you need to look no further—my gate was in between Gucci and Mont Blanc stores haha.

The flight to Sao Paulo was about 9 hours and was completely full. I was confused by how many people from Atlanta also wanted to go to Brazil, but then I thought about connecting flights and it all made sense. I read on that flight too, and tried to get as much sleep as I could, but only got like two hours. I caught glimpses of “The Blind Side” and “The Devil Wears Prada’ on screens haha. We landed about 6am local time which was earlier than scheduled—our flight had been moved up almost an hour earlier than my itinerary for some reason, so there wasn’t much of a layover at all.

We had lovely complementary meals of pasta on the flight, and packets of four Tic Tacs for each person haha. I was pretty hungry by the time we got to the MTC to say the least. The group of 10 missionaries all tried to make our way through customs, and all went well which was very nice! I laughed about how a bunch of sleep deprived foreign missionaries tried to make it though the airport in a foreign country. “Preciso meu mamae e um abraço?”—Pres. Judd.

We had about a 30 minute drive to the MTC this morning and it was cool to see the city. The skyscrapers are HUGE. They are really wild actually. It was overcast when we came into the city and the buildings all blended in with the clouds so they snuck up on me. The city is covered in graffiti and street art and is pretty cool looking. There are three of us going to Sao Paulo East from the group of 10 new missionaries! My companion is Elder Merill from Washington state—I recognized him from Instagram. It’s funny seeing people I’ve seen on the interwebs in person here; everyone is feeling like everyone else is oddly familiar.

The food here isn’t bad either! There is a breakfast soup thing that is arroz e leite, or rice and milk. It’s like horchata oatmeal. And the fruit is super good and fresh and ripe. It’s odd to me that it’s winter here because I just came from the hot 4th of July. It is definitely humid but okay.

Next preparation day will likely be next Wednesday or Friday. I’ve been told we’re going to watch Elder Packer’s funeral service on Friday.

Well, it’s super real that I’m a missionary! We new elders aren’t sure how and when we have to be with our companions, so we just go everywhere in a big group together haha. I think all of the Brazilian nationals here think it’s funny we don’t speak Portuguese. When we entered the MTC to get our name tags (WHICH I HAVE NOW) the driver had to call someone to open the gate for us, and in our limited Portuguese we heard him say, “I have the Americans.” Felt like a spy movie full of missionaries.

Love you guys! I’ll talk to you all soon!

Elder Hughes
New missionaries   |   07.08.15
San Francisco to Atlanta

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